I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to bring you this interview from Marie Denee, aka the Curvy Fashionista. With over 550,000 Facebook  and 64,000 Instagram followers, there is absolutely no doubt that she is the biggest plus-size fashion blogger in the United States.

Since she launched her blog in December 2008, Marie has been at the forefront of all trends curvy and fashionable. Her blog and vlog serve up fresh helpings of the newest and greatest in plus-sized fashion, and the Plus One Woman sat down with the Atlanta-based blogger to get her insights on classy and trendy pieces. Enjoy!

  1. Not counting nightwear/underwear/loungewear or accessories, what are three things every woman should have in her closet or her dresser drawer?

Ohhh this is fun! I think that she should have an amazing Little Black Dress that she can dress up or down, that allows her confidence to beam through! A kickass pair of jeans. Ones that make you booty feel and look amazing, that do not cut off circulation, and that can be worn in more than a few ways… versatility is key here. The last? A go to wow or hero piece. This can be an amazing blazer, unique blouse, or sexy skirt. Basically, something other than the staples that immediately brings life to an outfit, gives you that extra boost of confidence and attitude!

  1. If a woman usually sticks to the classics, how would you advise her to add some trendy items into her rotation?

Play with accessories! Bring color into your handbags, get a little daring with your shoes, layer on the bangles! Basically, it is all about accessorize to maximize! To take it up a notch, try a different or new blouse print or silhouette with your trusty skirt or slacks. Pair your favorite blazer with a bold printed or full skirt. Here, it is all about i moderation, and when you step out of your box, it is best to do so in baby steps or with items that still make you feel amazing!

  1. What are two pieces you believe in paying a little more for, and why? (For example, I will happily pay more than $100 for shoes because my feet are awful, and I usually buy expensive jeans because my Silvers last for YEARS!).

Ohhh I do love my Silver jeans and do agree on the quality and how long they last! For me, I would say a blazer and slacks. If these two items serve as a foundation for your wardrobe, you will wear them a bit more frequently than others. It is important that the integrity of the garment will hold up to your daily wear- armholes, buttons, thigh friction… you know what I mean! I have found if I spend a little more on these staples, they give my wardrobe a longer shelf life!

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Photo credit: http://thecurvyfashionista.com/2016/11/christian-omeshun-holiday-collection/