Ah, Craigslist!

That circus of humanity where you can buy haunted dolls for $1 or a $1.3M Bugatti Veyron.

While there is certainly a myriad of items for sell on Craigslist, have you ever thought of using it to downsize and even make some cold, hard cash?

Full disclosure: I have never sold anything off Craigslist myself. I am much more of an eBay seller. I guess the introvert in me likes the nameless, faceless interaction eBay offers. But I have friends who have made a surprising mint on this site.

Here are some ground rules that you, as a single lady, should keep in mind as you ponder what to sell on that crazy Craigslist (tips are courtesy of my BFF Angie, a Craigslist maven):

  • Only accept cash payments. Checks can bounce, and why bother getting a Square account for plastic?
  • Don’t hold anything for someone who will “pay later.” You want the item? You pay now! Why would you hold an item for someone who may or may not pay you? If you have a good item for sale, first come, first served.
  • If at all possible, meet in a public place. In broad daylight. With lots of people around. Coffees hops, fast food restaurants, and parking lots of big box stores are all good ideas.
  • If they are coming to your house, have backup. Angie has her dad over. Get your sweetie to hang around. Or a couple friends. There is safety in numbers!

Now that we got those deets out of the way, here are some ways my friends and family have profited from Craigslist triumphs:

Kellsey from NE: I bought a total lemon car…a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. We test-drove it, my stepdad said it looked OK, and we talked them down to $1,200 from the $1,700 asking price. I found a bunch of change left in the center console, and they told me to keep it! Plus I got to flirt with the handsome son of the owner ;).” (You can actually find money in your purchases!)

Ashley from TN: “My husband told me I could fill our home with knickknacks off any money I could make selling our old appliances and such when we rehabbed our home. I went Craigslist crazy and made $842 selling our ‘trash.’ It was a bit more than he expected!”

Dad from NE: “I had a 1984 Toyota Corolla. It was 24 years old, barely worked, and I thought I would be lucky to get $50 for scrap metal. I listed it for $250 on Craigslist one Tuesday morning, and had a woman test-driving it and paying cash for it within an hour. A barely usable car that was a curse for my family turned out to be a blessing for hers!”

BFF Angie from NE: “Do you want to hear about the $500 coffee table I got for $50? That was a magnificent bargain. Or once when I was moving I had a freezer I had to get rid of. It worked fine, but there was a funky odor coming from inside. So I offered anyone $50 to take it off my hands. Six people replied in less than 90 minutes.” (Moral of her stories: You can flip extraordinary bargains if you have the time, you can declutter your house with a few clicks of your mouse, and you can even find random gigs on Craigslist that actually pay!)

So whether you are looking to unload stuff for extra cash or looking for side gigs to earn some money, give Craigslist a thought. Give your unwanted items a new lease on life and give them to a good home!

Except the devil dolls. You can keep those.

What is the best thing you’ve ever found on Craigslist? Comment below!