OMG you only now got your first facial?!

Yeah, yeah, I guess I don’t get out much. How I made it to my late thirties without a facial is beyond me.

I thought this would be a fun topic to blog about, so I got a recommendation from my sister, is good friends with an esthetician. Both of my sisters have seen Melissa for years, so I knew I was good hands.

Melissa works out of an unassuming office building, and I loved the tranquil pale blue walls and gold accent art on the wall. She had prettily arranged products for sale on shelves, and the chairs at reception where white.

After filling out four pages of forms about my skin, allergies, etc. I got settled onto her table. She popped on a Pandora playlist of soothing music like oceans sounds, and it wasn’t hard to relax.

The first thing she used was a green tea antioxidant cleanser, then added a 17% glycolic acid cleanser to help exfoliate. I honestly couldn’t feel my skin being cleaned, but the cleanser smelled fresh and was cool on my face.

She then put a fresh, hot washcloth on my face to wipe it off. That felt ah-mazing. It was hot, rough, and took to sweet-smelling potions off my face.

Melissa then put a paper mask over my eyes so that I wouldn’t be blinded by the super bright light she put in my face. She carefully examined my skin for imperfections, blemishes, and to see what needed the most work.

I try to take really good care of my skin; and Melissa commented how good my skin looks for my age. I slather on my Oil of Olay in the morning and then creams at night. I also avoid the sun like the plague. Melissa decided that I needed a good exfoliation more than anything else

The next thing she used was an antioxidant facial oil. She did a facial massage, lightly rubbing my forehead, eye sockets, cheeks, chin, neck, and shoulders. It was fantastic. I very much enjoyed chatting with Melissa about skincare up to this point, but I slipped into a numb stupor and simply enjoyed my tired skin being massaged.

Melissa then put on coconut papaya enzyme with what felt like a makeup brush. It was cold, goopy, and tickled. But it did the trick and sloughed the dead skin cells off my face.

The last thing she put on my face was hyaluronic acid serum to moisturize, soften, and to bind moisture to face. It contains vitamin C to moisturize and brighten the skin. Then she put on a moisturizing goji berry mask on top of it, which had a great peppermint smell to it. The berry mask tingled just a little bit, but that’s how I knew it was working.

Then she covered my eyes and steamed my skin. I could feel the tingle deep in my skin, though it was maybe a little uncomfortable to have steam on my face on a hot August afternoon. It wasn’t too bad—it only lasted eight minutes.

She also massaged my arms. She had to very nicely tell me to relax here, because my default mode is “tense” pretty much all the time. It was by far the nicest part of the facial.

Then she finished with another hot towel.

I will tell you Melissa has a new devoted customer. My skin looks and feels bright, clear, and like I had five years taken off. And that massage made my stress melt away. Melissa’s knowledge about skincare was mind-boggling, and I learned more in one hour than I had in the previous ten years about my skin.

Because she charges such reasonable prices, I can see this as something I can enjoy every couple months. I look forward to seeing her again!

Have you ever had a facial? If yes, what do you love about it? If not, what’s holding you back? Comment below!