Hello. My name is Annie, and I am a podcastaholic.

Serioulsy. I can’t get enough of them. Whether commuting to/from work, cleaning house, running errands, or walking around the neighborhood, they are like catnip for me. I have fourteen active podcasts in my Stitcher app that put out new episodes (usually weekly), and another eight that put out episodes on an irregular basis.

Truth be told, my interests vary greatly; most of them center around blogging, self-help, or business. But one is dedicated to antique phonograph music, and yet another deals with the politics of the European Union. True story.

Today I want to introduce the four best podcasts out there for plus-size women that I have found. While their publishing schedules are erratic (as of September 2017), their positive and joyful message merit a listen-to and you should definitely add them to your listening rotation:

  1. The Chenese Lewis Show—Founded in 2008, this began as PLUS Model Radio, the podcast for PLUS Model Magazine. Chenese Lewis began interviewing plus-size models, agents, make-up artists, etc. Then she rebranded and interviewed singers, designers, bloggers, athletes, comedians, actors, and other movers and shakers in the plus-size community. After 187 episodes, she took a 14-month hiatus before relaunching again in October 2017. Listening to all her episodes helped me learn a lot about the plus-size community and exposed me to a lot of names and brands I never would have learned about otherwise.
  2. Big Curvy Love: A Plus Size Podcast—Australian blogger Kelly Glover is perhaps best known for her spectacular “50 Fat Dates” series. Her fun podcast covers male and female fashion, fitness, Brazilian waxing, lingerie, fashion, etc. My personal favorite episode is her interview with plus-size burlesque dancer Lillian Bustle. It is outstandingly funny and you learn that burlesque is a lot harder than you’d actually think. Glover’s last podcast was published in September 2016. She is now a writer for the Australian site Mamamia.
  3. Healthy at Any Size—Melinda Parrish has a beautiful podcast that celebrates fitness, recovering from eating disorders, entrepreneurs, and really feeling healthy at any size. No matter what your size or your sport, plus-size model, athlete, and recovering-from-an-eating-disorder host Parrish has a podcast that celebrates curves and where you are right now as an athlete—not your ideal size, but where you are today. 
  4. Flaunt Performance—I absolutely love Aja Yasir’s podcast for plus-size runners and athletes. She interviews trainers who give running and triathlon tips, and she also interviews her 75+-year-old mother who got Aja hooked into running (by far my favorite show!). You don’t need to be a runner to enjoy the healthy-at-any-size movement. And Aja’s story is truly touching. What a wonderful show!

Whether you have lots of commute time to devote to these podcasts or can only check out the episodes I recommend, you will not regret adding these podcasts to your favorite listening app. They are a great way to learn more about the plus-size community, get inspired, or become introduced to new writers, bloggers, or fashion lines!

What is your all-time favorite podcast? Comment below!