Who was your best friend growing up?

It’s probably not hard to think of your first childhood friend. Chances are she was someone in the neighborhood or who you met at school.

If your friends were anything like mine, you probably spent hours outside playing, riding bikes, swapping Barbies, having sleepovers, and dancing to your favorite cassettes. (Yes, I am old.)

You may have changed best friends in middle school, high school, and college. And that’s normal, because that’s a time in your life where hundreds of people drift in and out. And not everyone is going to be your bestie – that “kindred spirit” Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables spoke so highly of.

But chances are you had that one friend you could cry on the phone to at 1:00 in the morning after a break-up, who was your ride after your first car accident, or who got you your first job at the restaurant they worked at.

Yeah, having a BFF is great, but do you have one now? I want to talk about the importance of having a best friend in your life and how your life can be enriched by having one.

  1. She is willing to go to bat for you. She has seen you through job losses and bad break-ups. She is willing to slash someone’s tires or leave a negative review on someone’s LinkedIn profile because they said something cruel to you. OK, maybe she won’t shiv the tires or really leave a negative review. But she can provide ice cream and wine and help you rag on your enemies.
  1. She is a sister you never had. How many sisters do you have? One? None? I am lucky enough to have two great sisters. But even though we live in the same town, I rarely see them. My best friend knows me better than they do. We explore new restaurants, go out for happy hour, and even just Netflix and chill. Blood is definitely not thicker than water.
  1. She brings out the best in you. My best friend listens to all my wacky schemes, from my desire to write a book, supports my writing career, and quietly cheers me on in the background. In turn, I support her in her studies, I am there for her when she has a bad day, and will even be a nurse if she’s sick. But at the same time, she will call me out if I’m being a jerk or hurt her feelings. She makes me want to be a better person, and there are very few people I can say that about.
  1. She nurtures your inner goofball. I am always respectful when I’m invited to others’ houses. But when I get to her house, it’s ok if I walk right in, snuggle her cats, and command her to get wine with me. After which we laugh at awful reality TV shows and swear at bad movies. Yes, my BFF will let me be my weirdest, which is something I can’t even do all the time with my family.
  1. She pushes me to try new things. Whether it’s sampling hipster cocktails, cooking new recipes, going to an antique store I’ve never been to, or watching a new local band, my best friend will push me a little outside my comfort zone to enjoy all that our town has to offer. In turn, I drag her to vintage jewelry stores, make her watch foreign movies, and she is my willing henchwoman on day trips outside the state.

I can only hope your best friend brings out some of the best qualities in you as mine does. If you don’t have a best friend, who could you consider allowing into your life right now to share it with?

Tell me about your best friend! How does she make your life better? Comment below!