I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I haven’t told anyone before.

I am trying to lose weight. I am also a passionate about body positivity.

I know, I know. The two seem to contradict each other. If you feel so strongly about being positive about your weight, why are you trying to lose weight?

Just because someone is trying to lose weight doesn’t mean they don’t care about how people are treated because of their weight. Here are some of the reasons why I am trying to lose weight:

  1. To treat help manage my PCOS symptoms. I have shared with you my struggle with PCOS and the hell it unleashes on the women who suffer from it. When my weight is down, I notice fewer symptoms including: fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, and nasty black facial hair. It’s not 100% foolproof, but even five pounds makes a big difference
  1. I have more energy. In general, I just feel better. I am much more likely to want to go outside and exercise rather than sleep in if I have been losing a little weight. And when I exercise in the mornings, that just sets an awesome tone for the day. Or if I exercise in the evenings, I have more energy to concentrate on my writing and am less likely to do my usual mindless, crazy nighttime eating.
  1. I am motivated drink more water. Like having more energy, losing weight has a compound effect that motivates me to make better choices. For example, no one can argue that water isn’t good for you. When my weight is down, I know I consume fewer cocktails or glasses of wine. Instead, I prefer to grab plain tap or sparking water.
  1. It gets me out of bed. Not only do I get up earlier to walk or run, but I also get up early on Saturdays to go to Weight Watcher meetings with my mother and my sister. And that sets a great tone for the day – I don’t loaf around in bed until 9:00 or 10:00. I get home from my meeting at about 9:30, start cleaning, and my Saturday is off to a much more productive start.
  1. I get to compete with my mom and my sister. When I go to meetings with Mom or my sister, it’s always a mini-contest to see who lost the most weight. Mom has much more discipline than my sister and I do. (When she asks us how much weight we lost, we answer, “Don’t worry about it!” if we gained.) But I can get competitive, and the weeks I beat them, what can I say? It’s fun 😉
  1. I want to fit into that ^%$#!NG jacket! This is the shallowest reason, but a year ago, the exact Chanel jacket I’ve been lusting after for years was on mega-sale on eBay. It was the Holy Grail of my wardrobe. And despite being a size 20, there is no way in hell I can fit into it. So I have to lose a few pounds to get into it. But dammit, big girls can and will wear Chanel!

I will fight for fat acceptance with my dying breath. And I love my curves. But losing a little weight makes a big difference in my life, and I work the Weight Watchers program. My health and an expensive jacket depend on it.

What about you? Do you think you can work on being healthy and a body positive activist? Comment below!