Woo Plus_ A Dating Site for the Plus of Us!

Setting up an online dating profile.

There are a few things I can think of I would prefer to do—going to the dentist, listening to a Justin Bieber song, emptying my cat’s litter box…

It’s really not hard for me to write up a good profile. My problem is finding a picture I think I look good in and that will also attract gents online. Finding those pictures on my computer or phone are like looking for Bigfoot or finding Nessie—they just don’t exist.

Sadly, I have encountered a lot of size discrimination dating online, and I had pretty much given up. Until I read about WooPlus in recent a Mashable article. Needless to say, I was bouncing off the walls and literally shaking when I downloaded it, and I need to share it with you.

A dating site for people who aren’t a size two!

Basic features:

  • Iphone and Android app
  • Tinder-like feature of swiping right and left
  • Your “matches” only have 48 hours to respond to you
  • 24 matches a day unless you buy “coins” or invite friends to sign up
  • An Instagram-like feature that allows you to post a selfie and have people comment in real time

What I did: I created an account and answered some basic questions on location and interests (food, hobbies, movies, music, etc.). I also wrote a short paragraph to describe myself. There was also a “Details” section to talk about your appearance (height, body shape), personal information (occupation, ethnicity, religion) and lifestyle (kids, drinking, smoking).


  • The app is super easy to use. Just like Tinder, you swipe right if you want a match, left if you don’t.
  • Though not all of them were, the majority of guys in my inbox were bigger. I happen to like bigger guys, but this might be a con for some women.
  • It is genuinely refreshing not to have to worry about what people will think of my size 20. Because this is a niche dating site, I felt very comfortable saying I am a rectangular plus size.


  • Because it is a new app, there leaves a lot to be desired with location. The first couple days I tried it, the vast majority of men were in the UK, although as the weeks progressed, I did get a few matches from my home state of 1.7 million inhabitants.
  • You only get 24 matches a day. You get two “decks” of eight. After you wait five minutes, you get one more “deck” of eight. There were many days my first two “decks” were exactly the same eight men, regardless if I swiped right or left.
  • As far as I could tell, the only search criteria to narrow your matches was by age.
  • You only have 48 hours to hear back from a “match.” If they do not answer, they are deleted from your list.
  • Of course there were guys who had profile pictures with their exes, kids, of their pet or car, bathroom selfies (MAJOR PET PEEVE!), or a group shot where I couldn’t tell who was the guy in the profile. Why do people do that???

Overall impression: I do agree with the Mashable article that this site is very limited geographically. But as it expands, I genuinely hope it will be easier to find someone in your vicinity. All in all, I loved the app. The interface was super intuitive and simple. I never met anyone on a date for the two months I was on it, but I found the guys I chatted with to be nice enough. And I cannot overstate the fact how confident I felt as a plus-size woman on a site that was made for me.

Interested in WooPlus? How do you feel about a dating site where being plus-size is the norm? Comment below!