If you have a text or manuscript that you just can’t quite get right, I offer the following services to get your work ready for publication:

Proofreading for when your text is almost ready for print, but you need one last, fresh set of eyes to look over spelling, punctuation, and any grammatical errors that may still be lurking in your text.

Copyediting is like a very deep, thorough proofread. It is highly technical, ensures your writing is consistent on every single page, and will live up to your audience’s standards. My copyediting:

  • Includes everything included in a proofread.
  • Indicates if information is factually incorrect or if additional research is needed.
  • Tracks consistency over all the pages of the text.
  • Ensures formatting (footnotes, works cited, etc.) is up to your industry standards.

I have over a dozen years of experience as a professional proofreader and copyeditor for documents large and small. I have worked with solopreneurs, small businesses, and Amazon bestsellers. Let me give your one-page document or hundred-page manuscript a final read before you submit it so it can be something you are truly proud of.