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What are you waiting for?

I’ve seen that tagline a billion times on TV and Internet commercials for

Launched in 1995, and its sister sites (including OKCupid) boast over 4,700,000 users, and it claims to have lead to almost 100,000 marriages. So is a 21-year-old dating site still worth using? Hopefully this will answer any questions you have about the site and if it’s something you want to try.

Basic features:

  • iPhone and Android app, as well ask a desktop site
  • Ability to upload up to 26 photos from your computer, mobile device, or Facebook
  • Users can send emails through the site
  • Match will send you 12 “Daily matches,” which are guys they think you will have more in common with based on your profile answers and preferences
  • “Full-figured”, “heavyset”, “a few extra pounds” and “stocky” are all body type options given for plus-sized women

What you do: Setting up your account is not as exhaustive as eHarmony. You fill out your information (physical appearance/occupation/marriage status) and then what you are looking for in a date. They provide an open-ended section for you to talk about yourself. All in all, it is very easy to set up and begin looking through profiles.


  • This site is pretty intuitive to use. It’s easy to narrow your search criteria to get a more accurate match to get closer to a match you are looking for.
  • While it is not free, it is certainly cheaper than eHarmony. A one-month subscription is $42, three- and six-month subscriptions (which is what I recommend) are $27 and $24 per month, respectively. It’s only $21 a month for a full year. It is worth your time to do a Google search for coupons—there seem to be a lot out there!
  • There is a search feature called “mutual match” which will tell you what percentage compatible you are based on what you two are looking for. I have several 100% and 97% matches. While not absolutely scientific, this is a cool feature.
  • Something else I really like is “reverse match”, which matches you up based on what *he* is looking for. This helps me explore outside the box to gentlemen who would not have been on my radar. Again, not scientific, but this intrigues me!


  • This is another of those sites that makes you pay in full at the beginning of your subscription. I advise you very strongly to keep on top of it, or else you will be on the phone with their customer service reps, trying to talk your way out of it.
  • One of my biggest complaints would be you can’t see when someone was last active, and that makes it hard to gauge if they are an active member.
  • While the mobile apps are OK, I still think the desktop site offers more in terms of user interface. 

Overall impression: Of all the online dating sites, this is my personal favorite. I like the search options, which allow you to really tailor your matches. The “reverse match” feature is also a great idea; I think its suggestions allow you to expand your horizons. I think it is well worth taking out a three-month subscription to see if you like it. While I never dated anyone I met on this site, I still firmly stand by my opinion that it offers the biggest pool to search from, is reasonably priced, and doesn’t have quite the “ick” factor sites like Tinder and Plenty of Fish have, but it isn’t nearly as rigid as eHarmony is.

While no online dating site is perfect, its large selection criteria, ease of use, and inventory of eligible bachelors is why I think Match is the best out of the four I have rated. If it’s an extra incentive, enter in FREE in the coupon code to get a week free. (Caveat: you do have to enter in your credit card/PayPal info before you can get it, but if you cancel before the week is up, you will not be charged.)

Have you ever been on Match? Are you curious to try it now? Comment below!