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Even if we are single women, are we ever truly alone?

When I think about the ways I can distract myself, it’s small wonder I’m usually uncomfortable with silence. How many of us take the time to proactively shut out the world and just enjoy ourselves for a few hours?

When was the last time you can honestly say you enjoyed your own company – really and truly? Here are five ways to tune the world out, reconnect with yourself, and remind yourself why you are an amazing woman in the first place:

  1. Plan for a day to yourself. Take a sick day from work. Or a legitimate vacation day. Heck, even part of a weekend is fine! Plan on doing things you love to do: a manicure, a bubble bath, a good book, binge-watching Netflix, or downloading an app you wanted to try. Ignore the phone and disconnect from your email. Schedule several uninterrupted hours of goofing off time to charge your batteries and love the company.
  1. Take yourself on a road trip. Whether it is to an art gallery across town or the Klown Doll museum four hours away (hand to heart, that is my next solo road trip. Yes, I am weird.), pick a destination you’ve always wanted to go to and just go Don’t wait for a friend or a date to take you. You are in control of yourself, your car, and the music on the radio. And make sure you have fun when you get there. Take some silly selfies or buy some postcards!
  1. Take yourself out to lunch. I’ve found that dining alone can be intimidating for the uninitiated. (Personally, I don’t mind eating alone when I’m out of town, but it somehow feels weird in my hometown.) So lunch is a great compromise: It’s cheaper, less of a time commitment, and you can try out a new restaurant without splurging on the dinner menu. Of course, if budgets and time are limited, sit-down fast food is good, too. Discretely people-watch, savor your food, and order whatever the hell you want!
  1. Enjoy yourself outside. Go for a bike ride, sit out on the patio, take a walk to the park, or go for a jog. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to music, a podcast, or just the sounds of nature. There is something primal and soothing about being outside in fresh air. The frustrations of the day don’t seem quite as bad, you get some exercise, and you can allow yourself to simply be for a while.
  1. Allow yourself to think. I don’t know about you, but being alone with just my thoughts can be rather scary. Suffering from depression, I can do to some dark places pretty quick. And frankly, sometimes I don’t want to know what I am thinking. But once in a while, I schedule a brain dump for myself. I get comfy on the couch and spend 5-10 minutes furiously writing on a steno pad. I allow the stream on consciousness flow from my brain to my hand and I write till time is up or my hand cramps up. Read what you wrote the next day. Did something bother you before that seems petty now? Or is something weighing on your heart? What insight have you gained about yourself?

Try one or try all five. By scheduling a little time to rediscover the magic of yourself. You gain a greater sense of self, and I think you gain a little more wisdom in knowing who you are, what you are about, and that you know how to be gentle with yourself. We are all our own harshest critics, but when we learn to love ourselves for who we are, we can start tapping on the brakes of life and learn to just be.

What was the last thing you learned about yourself that surprised you? Comment below!